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We offer:

Private Engagements:

Thrill your employees and clients with a passionate solo harp concert or an exciting performance by Waking Erin at your next holiday party, grand opening, employee appreciation night, or corporate event. Programs are customized to your needs, offering thematic choices and exceptional value. Unique features that will enhance your corporate image include employee or client recognition prizes, blazing fast dancers, and free mini dance lessons by Waking Erin's champion Irish dancers. This will be a very exciting event to remember, positioning you exceptionally well for any future endeavors you may choose.

Public Performances:

Book Waking Erin for your next concert series and you will be ecstatic by the response of your listeners. From the "ice" of haunting slow airs to the "fire" of blazing jigs and reels, the musicians and dancers of Waking Erin will make your event one to remember! Having debuted with Riverdance Rhythm of Ireland in 2007, and performed to sold out audiences in Salt Lake City in 2008, this group has quickly received great acclaim for their professional work. Members of Waking Erin have performed for the Utah Arts Festival, the Utah Performing Arts Tour, the Utah Highland Games and Scottish Festival, and throughout the nation.

Private Lessons:

Private music lessons on the Celtic harp are available in the Salt Lake City, UT area. Charges are $75/hour, $60/forty-five minutes, $45/half-hour. Lessons include note-taking by the instructor, exercises and music, beginning to advanced levels. Basic technique, Celtic ornamentation and technique, sightreading, memorization, arranging, mapping the music, bass patterns, music for healing, and many genres of music.

SKYPE Lessons:

Skype lessons are available upon approval by Cynthia after an initial Skype consultation (at no charge). Skype lessons are more difficult to achieve good results than lessons in person, but with the right equipment, and a collaborative relationship, can be rewarding for the student. Skype lessons are $60/hour, $35/half-hour. Skype lessons need to be paid in advance of the lesson by PayPal or with check.



Cynthia offers a number of nationally acclaimed harp workshops using engaging adult learning methodologies, well researched and current content, and excellent workbooks delivered to every attendee.

Subjects for Cynthia's workshops include:

Middle Eastern music is passionate, powerful, and quite fun to play on the harp!  Even without including the quarter tones often used in Arabic music, we can play this genre of music very effectively.  You will learn Egyptian, Lebanese, Turkish, and even Persian music in this workshop, learning how to emulate traditional Middle Eastern instruments and make yourself want to belly dance (that is another workshop!).

Would you like to be able to “do your own thing” to pieces that you like to play?  This workshop works well for the beginning to intermediate player, for those wanting to develop an arsenal of bass patterns to arm themselves with when attacking a new piece, either their own creation or a known song they would like to arrange.    The beauty of these bass patterns are evident when creating melodies for the sick or intern, so the healing aspect of the harp will also be addressed.

While Celtic music to us may sound very similar regardless of where it is from, there are some recognizable differences between the music of the countries that are called “Celtic:”  Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are the most well known, but let us not forget the Celtic music of Brittany, in northern France; the Isle of Man; the Shetland Islands; and Galicia and Asturias, in northern Spain.  This workshop will explore historic references, ornamentation from the land of the Celts, rhythmic differences in reading Celtic music from different countries, and improvisational differences that come into play when you are learning a traditional Celtic tune.

How do you learn a Celtic tune in a session?  This workshop is NOT for the faint-hearted music reader!  There will be no music stands allowed, and those will several years experience would benefit the most from this workshop.  A complete Celtic tune (several will be suggested and the attendees will get to vote on the final one) will be learned during the course of this workshop, so a fast pace will require beginners to listen and perhaps not participate completely in learning the selection.  The mechanics of learning Celtic tunes in sessions, however, will benefit harpers and harpists of all levels.

If you think learning to sight read harp music means spending hours repetitively playing a song measure by measure, think again!  With a few simple steps, you can learn to sight read anything without anxiety, and will be able to memorize easier as well!  This course will give you lots of music theory tools as they apply to the harp, making music theory a hands-on experience that will benefit you with every new song you choose to learn.  Working these steps takes you out of just sight reading and into the deeper experience of truly knowing the piece, how it works, where it is going, and what tools the composer used to create it.

Are you a musician or a technician?  Come on, admit it!  If you would like to learn to transcend the everyday world of harp playing, and play passionately from the unified field of all the laws of nature, the “force” perhaps,  then come on!  This workshop will be most beneficial if the attendees bring their harps and have memorized at least one selection, which they would feel comfortable playing in front of others if called upon to do so.  The master class feel of this workshop requires active participation from most of the class.

Have a product and don’t know what to do with it?  Thinking about recording but don’t know much about what do next?  This workshop will most benefit harpers and harpists who have a product to sell other than their services: tapes, cd, cd gift packs, t-shirts, mugs, etc.  Anyone considering recording or selling harp-related products would also benefit.  Harps are not used in this workshop.

This workshop is for all cross-strung players and cross-strung wanna-be’s!  Anyone who is curious about this topic but not lusting after a cross-strung harp will probably be confused and overwhelmed and might want to take a less 3-dimensional course.  If you have a cross-strung harp, bring it!


 Educational Programs:

Members of Waking Erin offer educational enrichment programs for secondary school students, demonstrating the unique styles of Celtic music, relating fascinating details of Celtic history, and enrapturing students with exciting champion level Irish step dancing. Programs are offered with varying instrumentation depending on budget and availability of members.
 Please contact Cynthia for further education information:

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